Brand Ambassador Talent

What are Brand Ambassadors?

A "Brand Ambassador” (aka, “Grassroots Marketer” or “Street Team") is a temporary extension of your brand, tasked with literally getting in front of your customers and engaging them on your behalf.  If you’re looking for a way to get face-to-face interactions between your customers and your brand (without physically "pounding the pavement" yourself), then consider  Brand Ambassador Promotions.

Brand Ambassadors are the perfect tool for:

  • Increasing general awareness of your brand in your immediate trade area
  • Personally promoting specific deals or offers 
  • Engaging with either business or consumer audiences
  • Increasing your social media following  
  • Driving traffic to brick-and-mortar locations 
  • Increasing customer spending via coupons and giveaways
  • Lead generation for follow up calls
  • Short-term engagements, as an alternative to hiring a part-time promotional staff

How Does Imaginigami Events Do Brand Ambassador Promotions Differently?

You’ve probably seen someone hand you a flyer in a crowded shopping center without a word, or else lazily hold a promotional sign on the side of the road.  Those are not true “brand ambassadors.”

Real Brand Ambassadors (Imaginigami Brand Ambassadors) energetically and personably promote your brand, and drive results.  We use up-and-coming actors and entertainers with an innate ability to engage customers and leave a great impression. Before being allowed to represent your brand, all Imaginigami Brand Ambassadors are individually interviewed, vetted and trained according to your standards, as well as ours. Imaginigami Events can provide local teams in any market (or multiple markets), and our top-notch account managers will ensure you are comfortable with every detail throughout the entire process.

The Brand Ambassador industry is all about reputation and referral. Please let us know if you’d like to speak with our current or past clients about the high level of service Imaginigami Events will provide for you! And if this is your first time doing Brand Ambassador Promotions, we are happy sharing our years of expertise to help design the perfect promotion for your brand and market situation.

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