Our Philosophy

A passion for great storytelling. That’s what Imaginigami Studios is all about. 

We’ve brought together a ridiculously talented team of directors, writers, artists, actors, videographers, editors and sound engineers who continually look for new ways to captivate audiences.  Our specialty is the creation and development of children’s content.  We are still kids at heart, and that’s why we believe all children’s content should be enjoyable for people of all ages.  Our approach is to engage kids without talking down to them.  

To create realistic, multi-dimensional characters that are also fun and memorable.  To showcase positive character traits, and opportunities for critical thinking, without being too heavy handed.  But mostly, we want kids and adults alike to smile at our ideas.  When kids want to be our characters for Halloween, we’ll say we’ve succeeded at life.  

A church made for the set of a play.