Production Services

Property Development

If you are looking for that big idea to take your children’s property to the next level, Imaginigami Studios is your team!  Whether you are starting from a blank page, or have an established concept looking for a refresh or a reboot, we can provide original ideas that will make your property stand out in an ocean of competition.  We are also great at collaborating with other stakeholders to assist in as many or as few areas as you need.

Just some of the things we have experience with:

  • Property assessments and recommendations
  • Puppet, live-action and 2D or 3D animation formats
  • Character design and universe creation
  • Episode springboards and season-to-season planning
  • Copywriting and script editing
  • Theme songs and musical identity development

Pitch-Ready Media

Seventy-five percent of executives make up their mind about a pitch within the first 20 seconds. And even though we totally made up that number, it’s probably not far off.  Whether you need a complete Pitch Packet, or just a few new pieces, our team of directors, artists, writers, editors and sound engineers can help you create pitch materials that won’t just impress the big executives during the meeting, but get them to call you back afterward.  We can work with your existing content, or  help you create new or supplemental content as needed.

If you haven’t started to think about your Pitch Packet yet, here are a few things you may want to consider:

  • A video trailer or elevator pitch.  You have two minutes to explain what it’s all about.  Go.  
  • Property Bible. Your property's complete universe, characters, premise, and themes summed up in one visually stunning packet
  • Episode Springboards (for episodic content).  You’ve explained what the overall show premise is about, but what does that look like from episode to episode?
  • Presentation decks. Similar to the Property Bible, but without all the pesky reading.
  • One-sheets. The gist of your property’s look, feel, and premise in a low-cost format suited for introductory emails or leave-behinds.
  • Promotional Posters.  A visually compelling representation of your property suitable for social media postings or fine art galleries (unlikely, but you never know).
A church made for the set of a play.